About me

Yep, that’s me. I know, I don’t have the prettiest face in the world. Deal with it. 😛

Hi. My name is Przemysław (or Przemek for short), I’m 30 years old and I live in Kwidzyn, Poland. I was born with Asperger Syndrome (a mild form of autism, basically). My interests include IT, new technologies, and trivia. I love cats, but I don’t mind dogs (as long as they are calm 😛 ). I’m not a huge computer guru, but I have some useful knowledge (such as a difference between Java and JavaScript). I know a bit about webmastering and programming. I also enjoy video games – I even occasionally create my own (rather than writing code, I use a visual scripting tool and only create 2D games, so don’t expect another Battlefield or some other Call of Duty if you put me in front of CryEngine 😛 ).

Since October 2016, I’ve been attending an occupational therapy workshop in Kwidzyn (the website is only available in Polish – sorry about that). I’m assigned to an editorial workshop where I take care of the occupational therapy workshop’s website and occasionally write articles for “Observer” – a biweekly insert included with Kurier Kwidzyński (Daily Kwidzyn, a local newspaper). As a part of my therapy, I help my town hall create promotional materials for my town.

I created This Is Internet to share my thoughts on various subjects (mostly about my interests, but also about other stuff). I’m not very talkative in real live, so I make up for this by writing.

Still reading? I’ll tell you something as a reward for your dedication – pictures in blog posts contain title texts, which are displayed when you hover your cursor over a picture. I borrowed this tradition from xkcd.